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A new chapter

Port Salerno's own Nouveaux Honkies enter a new chapter in their musical endeavors. Rebecca Dawkins and Tim O'Donnell will hit the road in July for a permanent run on the road, across the country, with their newly renovated RV. "We have traveled the South, Northeast, Texas and been out West, but wished we could stay and meet people instead of the constant drive from town to town," says Tim. It all began when the band started touring in 2008, mostly in the spring and summer months, yet calling the Treasure Coast their home in the winter. "It’s kind of a ten year anniversary coming up for us musically, and we wanted to set out in a different direction. I think this plan will work well for us; we’ll get to ultimately spend time in the places we love and really get to know people. That’s what makes what we do special… that bond, those stories, and true connection. Read full bio

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